System Modelling 2020: Homework Assignment Results (and infos about the late submission)

The results of the homework assignment submissions:

  • There are 75 students in the System Modelling course, 62 of them have submitted at least once. (until the "normal submission deadline")
  • 11 out of these 62 could not be accepted (wrong file format, forbidden elements in the model, etc.),
  • 3 out of these 62 have got 14-23 points (out of 30),
  • 37 out of these 62 have got 24-29 points,
  • 11 out of these 62 have got 30 points.

The submission site is now closed, and we make some further checks on the models (plagiary checks, etc.). The submission site will re-open the next week for a "late submission" that has its deadline on the 26th May. If you submit anything after the re-opening then we consider that as a "late submission". New submissions overwrite the earlier ones, always the last one will be evaluated. The evaluatuion and grading is the same for late submissions (as it was for the normal ones), but speacial rules of the Faculty's Examiantion Code for late submissions may apply.