System Modelling 2020: Mock mid-term exam

A mock mid-term exam is published at the Moodle system of the Faculty. Please try the platform, because the real mid-term exam will be held on the same system. In the "General Information" part of the mock exam a lot of useful information about the mid-term exam is to be found. This Moodle system is not able to handle graphs and models, therefore we will not ask you to enter models in your answers. But we will ask a lot about models that you can draw for yourself (with a traditional pencil on a sheet of paper) based on the description in the given task.

About the materials that you can use during preparation:

  • The video recordings of the lectures and the exercises are published in the MS Teams system. (Go to the "General" channel of the course team, and look for tabs "Lecture videos" and "Exercises videos".)
  • The lecture slides are published at (faculty Moodle).
  • The handout and solution documents of the exercises are published here.
  • The slides used during the exercises are not published.