System Modelling 2020: Mid-term exam -- General information

The below rules apply to any (remote) exams in this course, individual deviations will be marked explicitly.

  • Solving the tasks may require some sheets of paper, a pen/pencil, and a calculator. Most of the tasks require you to draw or calculate to find the right answer. During the mid-term exam, any kind of communication with others is prohibited.
  • Attention! There are questions, where for the wrong answer points will be taken away. Such questions will be marked explicitly, and they will have a possible answer "I do not know / No answer" with 0 points. By choosing this answer you can avoid the risk of giving a wrong answer, and having points taken away.
  • We suggest you to start working on those tasks that are the easiest/fastest to solve for you.
  • The mid-term exam consists of multiple pages. The Moodle saves your answer each time when you go to the next page.
  • When the time limit is reached, the Moodle will automatically take the last saved answers on the server as submitted. Because of this and the previous rule, your work between your last paging and reaching the time limit will be lost. To avoid this, we recommend you to submit your work before the time limit is reached.
  • Submitting your work has two phases: First you have to click on the "Finish attempt ..." button, but this will not submit your work. It only provides you an overview page that shows, for which questions/tasks you have saved answers. Here you can still go back and answer some further questions/tasks. Under this overview you can find a "Submit all and finish" button, you have to click on that to submit your work. There is no way to change your answers after submission.
  • Attention! We call your attention to the calculation tasks. Based on your language settings on your own computer and your settings in the Moodle system, either decimal point or decimal comma will be expected as a separator, when your answer is a non-integer value. By making the mock mid-term you can get familiar with the result of your own settings, as well. Please be aware of the fact that the Moodle saves this setting (decimal point or decimal comma) when you start the mid-term, therefore any changes afterwards are ineffective. Do not change these settings during the exam. (HINT: If you see "Incomplete answer" in the overview of your saved work before submission, that may have two different reasons: First, you may have skipped a task or a part of a task. Second, you may have written a decimal point instead of a decimal comma, or vice versa. At this point you can still go back an correct any of them.)
  • Please be aware of the fact that all of the exam tasks and questions are intellectual properties of BME, therefore any copying, storing or forwarding of them (without explicit permission) is strictly forbidden. Any violation of this rule leads to a disciplinary process. 
  • We call your attention to the detailed logging features of the Moodle system that allow us monitoring the students' behaviour during the quiz. The Examination Code excludes gaining the credit points of the course for anyone who violates the above (non-)communication rules.
  • Please log in to the Moodle system on time (at 8:15 AM of the day of the exam). After succesful login, look for the mid-term exam and read the general information. You can start the quiz between 8:30-8:35. You may need to reload the web page to see a new button for that. This button will not be there before 8:30. The time limit of the mid-term exam is 45 minutes, but we have set the quiz time limit to 50 minutes to give you some time to solve the eventually arising technical problems. If you start the quiz in the above time slot, then it will close 50 minutes after your start. If you start later, you will have less than 50 minutes to work.
  • If you have any technical questions during the exam, you may send it to the "Mid-term" channel of the course in the MS Teams system. You must not ask questions there about the individual tasks/questions of the exam, about their solution, etc. If you have DULY JUSTIFIED questions about the individual tasks/questions, send a private message to Huszerl Gábor in the MS Teams system. (Please include a detailed description of your problem, and a screen shot of the task.)