System Modelling (Spring 2015)

Pataricza András
Huszerl Gábor
Korábbi oktatók: 
Guta Gábor

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This web site is the primary source of the official information related to the English speaking version of the System Modelling course. (For information on the Hungarian speaking course please visit its own site.)

The focus of the course is a model based approach for the development of information systems. The target audience are software engineering (B.Sc. in Engineering Information Technology) students in their 2nd semester.

General Information


  • weekly, on Thursdays 10-12 AM
  • in I.L405 (the assigned room was changed during the registration week)

Hand-on Trainings

  • bi-weekly, on Fridays 10-12 AM
  • in I.B413
  • first training on the 4th March
  • The attendance at the trainings is mandatory. Your participation will be controlled every time.
  • There will be a small test at the beginning of each training. You may participate the training even if you fail the test.
  • Results of the small tests will be published continuously.

Mid-term Exams

  • 1. mid-term exam: on the 11th April 5-7 PM
  • 2. mid-term exam: on the 19th May 8-10 AM
  • One mid-term exam may be recovered on the 26th May 10-12 AM (If you miss or fail one of the mid-term exams. You are not allowed to recover both mid-term exams.)
  • Both mid-term exams consist of multiple choice tests and constructive tasks.

Home Assignment

  • Creation of the state based behavioural model (with Yakindu) of a specified system.
  • Personal tasks, different for each student.
  • Publication of the tasks: in the 3rd week of the semester
  • Submission deadline: in the 12th week of the semester
  • Electronic submission and oral defence

Calculation of the Final Grade

  • Both mid-term exams and the home assignment has to be passed (with at least 40%).
  • You have to participate on 4 hands-on trainings, at least. (We strongly suggest to participate on all 6 trainings.)
  • The results of the mid-term exams give 35-35% of the final grade. The result of the home assignment gives 30% of the final grade.
  • You may gain additional points during the semester:
    • with optional additional tasks
    • with regular preparation for the small test at the trainings (if you pass at least 5 small tests of the total 6 of them)


  • We will upload lecture slides, training tasks and other written materials for the students of the course
  • Check here (or look for the word "Segédanyagok" under "System Modelling" in the menu)