System Modeling (2014)

Pataricza András
Horváth Ákos
Gönczy László
Hegedüs Ábel

System design, integration, infrastructure design. Model-based architecture, business process modeling, simulation, analysis

WARNING: this page corresponds to the course that was held in the Spring of 2015. For the currently (Fall 2015) ongoing System Modeling course, head over here.


  • System design
  • System integration
  • System infrastructure design
    • see Intelligent System Monitoring
  • Students completing the course requirements successfully will:
    • become familiar to the basics of model-based architecture design,
    • be able to precisely specify requirements against informatics systems, model their operation environment and architecture, know the corresponding ruling standards,
    • gain proficiency in the simulation-based correctness proving and scaling methods of discrete systems,
    • are able to find the bottlenecks in existing systems, analyze and compare the solution alternatives for eliminating them,
    • get to know the sections of practical measurement techniques of computer systems, which can serve as a basis for the parametrization of models.

Schedule (for 2014)

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