Successful close of MOGENTES project

The MOGENTES ('Model-based Generation of Tests for Dependable Embedded Systems') consortium successfully presented the results achieved during its three years to the reviewers and to the EU officier on May 26, 2011 and was characterized as an "excellent project" .

Our group contributed to the success with the followings: integration of UPPAAL based test case generation for real-time systems with UML modelling, development of general tool integration framework, coordination of the integration of different tools into a coherent test generation framework, ontology based verification of models and determination of model metrics to tailor the test case generation process. Read more »

Presentation at the Software Testing conference

Zoltán Micskei and Dr. Balázs Polgár have presented an overview about model based testing and the results of the MOGENTES EU FP7 project at the IIR Technical Conference "Software Testing - Interactive Forum" held in Budapest with strong industrial participation. The new model based test case generation tools developed in the MOGENTES project have been outlined and the experiences gained during their application to industrial automotive and railway demonstrators have been summarized.

MOGENTES meeting in Graz

The 3 year MOGENTES project reaches its end, the last but one meeting was held in Graz, on Dec 2-3, 2010. The goal of the meeting was the evaluation of the results achieved so far, and the elaboration of the final demonstrator applications. The research group was represented by Balázs Polgár. Read more »


The ERCIM/DECOS/MOGENTES workshop was held on Sep. 14, 2010, as a satellite event of the SAFECOMP 2010 conference. At the event Balázs Polgár and András Kövi presented some of the MOGENTES project contributions of BME: the tool integration platform and results of the qualitative fault modeling research.> Read more »

Demonstration in Oxford about our model based test case generation tool

The prototype of our model based test case generation tool is available, what we have demonstrated to MOGENTES partners in Oxford at the quarterly technical project meeting on May 27-28, 2010. We have also presented our improved ontology based model checking tool and the traceability component of our tool integration framework. The university was represented by Dr. András Pataricza and Dr. Balázs Polgár. Read more »

MOGENTES project is on the right way

The MOGENTES consortium presented the results of the last year to officers and reviewers of the Europian Union in Vienna on March 11, 2010. The officers welcomed the achievements. Our university was represented by Prof. András Pataricza. Read more »

Succesfull MOGENTES review

Prof. Dr. András Pataricza represented BME at the actual review meeting of the MOGENTES FP7 research project. He presented the main contributions of BME: an ontology based model syntax check engine, the SOA-based tool integration framework, the qualitative abstraction based high level test generator and the UPPAAL model checker based ATPG approach. Read more »

Our Tool Integration Framework presented in Graz

Balazs Polgar, PhD presented the newest components of our tool integration framework to MOGENTES partners in Graz on February 16-17, 2010. He also helped partners to integrate their tools to the framework. The main goal of the meeting was the overview of the project status, the integration of the related tools, and the preparation for the review meeting to be held in March. Read more »

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