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System Modelling 2019: Late Submission of the Mandatory Home Assignments

The regular submission of the mandatory home assignment was closed on the 9th May. The (same) submission site is now re-opened for late submissions. (Use the same task on the portal as for the regular submissions, we will see whether your submission was a late one.) The deadline of the late submissions is the 21st May (Tuesday) 11:59PM. You can submit as many times as you wish until this deadline, but always the last submission will be evalutated only.

System Modelling 2019: Optional Extra Homework (Cucumber)

The optional extra homework is functional testing of the chess clock that you have modelled for your mandatory home assignment.

You have to write test cases (Scenario), which define sequences of inputs (pushing buttons), or sometimes even time settings, and expected outputs (display contents, peep tons) for your chess clock. At the end of each test case (and whenever meaningful, even within the sequences) the outputs must be checked. The test cases have to run successfully on your chess clock, at the end. Read more »

System Modelling 2019: Consultation on the home assignments

We offer a consultation on the home assignments, where we can discuss general questions about the technicalities, the submission and evalutation process, the feedbacks, etc. The consultation will be held on the 3rd May 2019 2-3 PM in I.L405. If you have questions, please feel free to attend at the consultation.

System Modelling 2019: Homework Guide is Updated

The Homework Assignment - Requirements and Advice page was updated, please read it. The Guide to Mandatory Homework for System Modeling document was also updated, please also read it. The submission deadline of the (optional) warm-up home assignment is the 10th March 2019.

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