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"Robots on the rise" (30 March 2015)

The first year of the R5-COP research project has been successfully closed in Brussels on 26th March. From our research group István Majzik presented the results of the work package working on incremental testing and runtime verification. The project has won the ARTEMIS Co-Summit "Exhibition Award" also in this year

The R5-COP project is working on the development and verification of reconfigurable, ROS-based, resilient reasoning robotic cooperating systems. Our department is active in several work packages ranging from designing embedded sensor systems, intelligent planning and reasoning to testing and monitoring.

Further information:

The annual general assembly of the R5-COP project (2 Februrary 2015)

The annual general assembly of the R5-COP - Reconfigurable ROS-based Resilient Reasoning Robotic Cooperating Systems project was held on 21-22 January 2015 in Riga. Our research group's task was to develop new testing and verification methods. 

The R5-COP project is composed of 31 partners including robot component manufacturers and application vendors. The goal of the project is to support the development of reconfigurable robot systems using new hardware and software components, designing and configuration methods, and verification and validation techniques. The new results will be demonstrated in industrial, domestic, logistics and mobile robots.

All three research groups of our department are involved in the 3 year project with altogether 110 man months. dr. Tamás Dabóczi, dr. Tadeusz Dobrowiecki and dr. István Majzik participated on the general assembly.

Our research group is the leader and main contributor of the WP3.4 "Runtime verification and incremental behaviour testing" work package.