Warm-up Home Assignment (System Modelling)

Hello Yakindu World!


Your task is to design the trivially easy state machine specificified in section "the Behaviour to be Implemented" using Yakindu. The main goal of the warm-up homework is getting to know the development tool and the homework submitting system before doing the professionally challenging mandatory homework.

Control Panel

The control panel of the automaton to be implemented consists of a screen where messages can be displayed, and a button wich controls the behaviour of the automaton.

We modeled the control panel in Yakindu the following way:

  • display: interface variable representing the display. It’s text value is the message displayed by the screen.
  • button: input event representing that the button is pushed.

The Behaviour to be Implemented

Initially a “Hello Yakindu World!” message is to be displayed (without qutation marks). After the button is pressed the message should be changed to your Neptune code ("Your NEPTUN code"). After pressing the button again the displayed text should be changed back to the original “Hello Yakindu World!” message, then after pressing the button again Neptune code should be displayed again, and so on.