System Modelling: 2nd Mid-term exam theoretical questions (from earlier years, to exercise on)

2019. tavasz

In the quizzes below, you can find theoretical questions (from 2nd mid-term exams from earlier years) as we ask them in the entry test of the mid-term exams. Points will be counted in the mid-term exams as follows (Google Quiz cannot do that, unfortunately):

  • +1 point, if your answer is correct
  • -1 point, if your answer is wrong
  • 0 point, if you do not answer ("maybe" in the Google quiz)

Try to answer, whether the statements are true or false.

  4. ...
  5. ...
  6. ...
  7. ...

The 2nd mid-term exam covers everything that was dicussed in the lectures and/or in the 3-6. practices in:

  • cooperating state machines
  • process based modelling
  • model V&V
  • performance modelling
  • visual data analysis
  • parametrization of models
  • modelling environments and code generation