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System Modelling 2020: Replacing the lecture on the 12th March

The lecture on the 12th March was not held (because of the extra rectoral holidays). As a replacement of that, a MS Teams meeting will be held on the 31th March 6:15-7:45 PM. You can see that meeting in the MS Teams system. Read more »

System Modelling 2020: Meetings on MS Teams

The lectzres and exercises are now held through Microsoft Teams Meetings. If you use MS Teams, you should be able to see these repeating events, and you can join them directly. But if that did not work, here are the links: Read more »

System Modelling 2020: COVID19 Distance Teaching

Teaching will be resumed from the 23th March (with an even week) in form of distnce teaching. The 12th and 13th March were rectoral holidays, the week of 16-20th March were the Spring holidays that was put earlier than originally planned. Read more »

System Modelling 2020: COVID19 school holiday

As you may already know, a special legal order was introduced today in Hungary (due to COVID19). According to this, the Rector has ordered a two days school holiday for the 12th and 13th March 2020. Read more »

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