Software Verification and Validation - Segédanyagok

Félév: 2018. ősz
Title Egyedi szöveg
L08: Model checking examples
L09: Handling large state space in model checking
L10: Model checking time-dependent behavior
L11: Model checking stochastic properties
L12: Model checkers and applications
L13: Equivalence checking between models
L14: Verification of the source code
L15: Proof of program correctness
L16: Software model checking with abstraction
L17: Module testing
L18: Integration testing, system testing, validation testing
L19: Model-based testing
L20 Code-based test generation
L21 Verification during maintenance
Félév: 2017. ősz
Title Egyedi szöveg
L01: Introduction
L02: Verification of the requirements specification
L03: Verification of the architecture design
L04: Verification of the detailed design
L05: Checking HML and LTL properties
L06: Checking CTL properties
L07: CTL model checking examples
L08: Symbolic model checking and ROBDDs. Bounded model checking.
L09: Model checking stochastic properties
L10: Model checking time-dependent behavior
L11: Equivalence checking between models
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