System modeling

Senior Lecturer: 
András Pataricza
László Gönczy
Ábel Hegedüs

System design, integration, infrastructure design. Model-based architecture, business process modeling, simulation, analysis


  • System design
  • System integration
  • System infrastructure design

    • see Intelligent System Monitoring
  • Students completing the course requirements successfully will:

    • become familiar to the basics of model-based architecture design,
    • be able to precisely specify requirements against informatics systems, model their operation environment and architecture, know the corresponding ruling standards,
    • gain proficiency in the simulation-based correctness proving and scaling methods of discrete systems,
    • are able to find the bottlenecks in existing systems, analyze and compare the solution alternatives for eliminating them,
    • get to know the sections of practical measurement techniques of computer systems, which can serve as a basis for the parametrization of models.


Course information

  • Home work: see details here

    • Model and analyze a user-defined business process
    • IBM Websphere Business Modeller (virtual machine image will be distributed)
    • Hand-in:

      • Submit homework through e-mail to: Ábel Hegedüs
      • Business Process model and specification: Deadline: 2011.10.30. 23:59:59
      • Complete documentation and analysis results: Deadline: 2011.12.04. 23:59:59
      • Oral defense: Repetition week
      • Hand-in after deadline:

        • no possibility of correction (no feedback for model and specification)
        • the entire home work before 2011.12.14. 23:59.59
    • Consultation, questions: 2011.10.19 or 20 10:15-11:45 (tentative)
    • Second consultation: 2011.11.23. 10:15-11:45
  • Midterm test:

    • Date: 2011.11.03. 10:15-11:45, IE412
    • Short questions from theoretical material (UML, DFN, Workflow, BPMN, etc.)
    • Longer practical exercises
    • Results
  • Repeated midterm test

    • Date: 2011.12.01. 10:15-11:45
    • Same structure and material as the first midterm test
    • Students may repeat the test even if they passed the first, but that means their first result is overwritten!
    • Last chance to pass the test is in the repetition week! (2011.12.14. 10:00-12:00) However, this last test won't affect your final grade in any way (i.e. it will count as a 40% test, no matter how good you do).

    • Results
  • Exam

    • Similar to midterm, but from all the subjects
    • Preexam: 2011.12.14. 10:00-12:00, IB026 Results
    • 2011.12.21. 10:00-12:00, IB026 Results
    • 2012.01.06. 10:00-12:00, IB028 Results
    • 2012.01.20. 10:00-12:00, IB028
    • Final grade: Student must pass midterm test, successfuly defend home work, get at least 40% on the exam. The result of the midterm test and homework can affect the final grade only positively.