MOGENTES meeting in Graz

The 3 year MOGENTES project reaches its end, the last but one meeting was held in Graz, on Dec 2-3, 2010. The goal of the meeting was the evaluation of the results achieved so far, and the elaboration of the final demonstrator applications. The research group was represented by Balázs Polgár. Read more »

SecureChange WP3 meeting in Paris

This modern building of Thales Research at the outskirts of Paris hosted the 2010 October meeting of the WP3 working group of the EU research project SecureChange. Our research group was represented by Gábor Bergmann. Project partners discussed the remaining tasks in the second year of SecureChange, finalized the outline of the upcoming project deliverables, drafted plans on the conceptual and technical integration among partners and work packages, and presented their results to the other WP members. FTSRG showcased accomplishments funded by SecureChange, including the tool EMF-IncQuery and the results of Ábel Hegedüs in the topics of BPEL verification and execution trace back-annotation.

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Report from the MODELS 2010 conference in Oslo

Between October 3-8, Oslo (Norway) hosted the 13th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS 2010), which is the most respected scientific forum of  model driven software and systems engineering. Read more »

Presentation at the 29th AIAA & IEEE DASC conference in Salt Lake City

Ákos Horváth, research associate, presented the results of the DIANA project at the 29th AIAA & IEEE Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) conference in Salt Lake City (USA) between October 3. and 7. in 2010. The presented paper deals with model-based development of ARINC653 real-time operating system configuration files with support for end-to-end traceability.

ICGT10 conference in Enschede, Holland

Dániel Varró, associate professor, and Ábel Hegedüs and Zoltán Ujhelyi PhD students attended at the 5th International Conference on Graph Transformations held on 2010. September 27th  and october 1st in Enschede, Holland.

Dániel Varró  co-organized the Graph Based Tools (GRABATS) 2010 workshop with Juan de Lara. Read more »

SEFM 2010 conference in Pisa

Ábel Hegedüs, PhD student, presented research results of the group at the 8th IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods (SEFM) conference in Pisa (Italy) between September 13 and 16. 2010. The presented paper deals with back-annotation of simulation traces using model transformation techniques. Apart from the talk, the group was represented with a poster and a tool demo as well.


The ERCIM/DECOS/MOGENTES workshop was held on Sep. 14, 2010, as a satellite event of the SAFECOMP 2010 conference. At the event Balázs Polgár and András Kövi presented some of the MOGENTES project contributions of BME: the tool integration platform and results of the qualitative fault modeling research.> Read more »

GRABATS 2010 international workshop

On September 28th 2010, the 4th International Workshop on Graph Based Tools (GRABATS 2010) will take place in Enschede, Netherlands, co-organized by Dániel Varró and Juan de Lara.  The workshop program will contain a presentation of Ábel Hegedüs, Zoltán Ujhelyi, Ákos Horváth and István Ráth on "Visualization of Traceability Models with Domain-specific Layouting".

e-Freight meeting (Roosendaal, Netherlands)

The Requirements Analysis work package of the e-Freight project held its meeting in Roosendaal, Netherlands to discuss the requirements of the BC3 - Road Transport business case and harmonize the goals of the business case demonstrator with the objectives of the project. András Kövi participated on behalf of the university. Read more »

Testing autonomous systems - R3-COP project meeting in Erlangen

The first meeting of the WP4.2 and WP4.3 work packages of the R3-COP ARTEMIS project was hosted by the Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg in July 2010. During the meeting the partners first reviewed the goals of the work packages responsible for the V&V activities of autonomous systems, then each partner (Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, BME, Brno University of Technology, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Inst. of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Latvia, Siemens AG) presented their related, existing research results. Read more »

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