Best Paper Award at the IEEE/ACM MODELS 2013 conference

The paper of Oszkár Semeráth, Ákos Horváth and Dániel Varró: Validation of Derived Features and Well-Formedness Constraints in DSLs received the Springer Best Paper Award at the IEEE/ACM MODELS 2013 conference, organized in Miami Beach, Florida, US, selected by the Programme Committee from the total 34 accepted contributions of the "Foundation Track". Read more »

Interview with our former student in the german Eclipse Magazine

The german Eclipse Magazin has published an interview with our former student, Donát Csikós, who is now working at CERN. Among a lot of interesting details about his job, he also mentioned our research group and the EMF-IncQuery project. The online version can be found at the following links: german original, english translation by Google. Read more »

Invited presentation at the IFIP WG10.4 workshop

The summer workshop of the IFIP WG10.4 "Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance" working group was held at Visegrád between June 27-30, organized by Prof. András Pataricza.  István Majzik received an invitation to the workshop and gave a presentation on "Testing the Robustness and Safety of Context-Aware Autonomous Behaviour". Read more »

Talk of Prof. Lionel Briand on software verification

On June 27, Prof. Lionel Briand, head of the Software Verification and Verification Laboratory at the University of Luxembourg, gave a talk on scalable and cost-effective model-based software verification and testing. Read more »

Visit of Prof. Stefano Russo and his colleagues

On June 26, our group was visited by Prof. Stefano Russo, Domenico Cotroneo and Marcello Cinque from the Unversity of Naples "Federico II". Prof. Russo, who is our partner in the CECRIS project, presented their results in the field of model based design, testing, and system monitoring.

Dániel Varró appointed as ICMT 2014 program co-chair

Dr. Dániel Varró has been appointed as the program committee co-chair of  ICMT 2014 (Int. Conf. on Model Transformation), which is the main international forum on the theory and practice of model transformations. The ICMT 2014 conference will be organized in York, UK as part of STAF 2014. 


After a successful STAF 2013 conference

The STAF 2013 conference - a federation of leading conferences on software technology - was organized successfully betweeen June 17-20 by the Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group in Budapest for the first time. Read more »

Invited talk at VOLT 2013 workshop

Dániel Varró gave an invited talk at VOLT 2013 (Verification of Model Transformations) workshop, a satellite event of the STAF 2013 international conference on "Verification and validation challenges for models, queries and transformations in design tools for avionics". Read more »

Invited talk on an industrial conference on Supply Chain management

Professor András Pataricza and Zoltánnak Matisa - the head of operations at IBM Disc Storage Sytem - gave a talk at the  "VII. Elektronikai Ipari Supply Chain Konferencia" conference. They presented the Progile system developed mostly by our group for adaptive and agile production optimization using advanced prediction techniques.

  Read more »

Participation at Dagstuhl Seminar #13211

Daniel Varro participated at a Dagstuhl Seminar on Automated reasoning over Conceptual Schemas between May 20-24th.

During the seminar, he gave a lecture on validation and reasoning over advanced domain-specific languages with derived features and well-formedness constraints mapped to the Z3 SMT-solver.

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