After a successful STAF 2013 conference

The STAF 2013 conference - a federation of leading conferences on software technology - was organized successfully betweeen June 17-20 by the Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group in Budapest for the first time. Read more »

Invited talk at VOLT 2013 workshop

Dániel Varró gave an invited talk at VOLT 2013 (Verification of Model Transformations) workshop, a satellite event of the STAF 2013 international conference on "Verification and validation challenges for models, queries and transformations in design tools for avionics". Read more »

Invited talk on an industrial conference on Supply Chain management

Professor András Pataricza and Zoltánnak Matisa - the head of operations at IBM Disc Storage Sytem - gave a talk at the  "VII. Elektronikai Ipari Supply Chain Konferencia" conference. They presented the Progile system developed mostly by our group for adaptive and agile production optimization using advanced prediction techniques.

  Read more »

Participation at Dagstuhl Seminar #13211

Daniel Varro participated at a Dagstuhl Seminar on Automated reasoning over Conceptual Schemas between May 20-24th.

During the seminar, he gave a lecture on validation and reasoning over advanced domain-specific languages with derived features and well-formedness constraints mapped to the Z3 SMT-solver.

Guest researchers in the CECRIS project

Our research group welcomes the three guest researchers who will work with us between May 6th and June 28th on the CECRIS project. We have two researchers from the Italian Resiltech s.r.l. and one from Critical Software with headquarter in Portugal. Read more »

e-Freight Partners' Forum meeting, Brussel

The annual e-Freight Partners' Forum meeting was held in Brussels on 2013. May 13-14, in Hotels Sofitel in the neighborhood of the European Parliament. During the two day event the achievements of the project were introduced by the various working groups and the finalization of the project exploitation plan has begun. The research group was represented by Andras Kovi.

Participation at ETAPS 2013 conference

ETAPS 2013, the largest European conference on the theory and practice of software science was organized between March 16th and 24th in Rome, Italy. This year, Dániel Varró participated from our group as program co-chair of FASE 2013 (Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering) conference. 

Some photos taken at the conference with over 600 participants are available here

Invited talk at EternalS 2013 workshop

Dr. Daniel Varró gave an invited talk on access control issues in collaborative modeling technologies at the EternalS 2013 workshop, which was organized on February 27th in Rocquencourt near Paris as part of the EternalS FP7 Coordinated Action.

This project targets advanced research in the direction of eternal systems such as, software engineering, secure systems, machine learning, natural language processing as well as the increasing impact of social computing. The workshop aims at bringing together experts and stakeholders of the above technologies. 

Jedlik Ányos grant awarded to group member

Yet another member of our group has received a special research grant.

Among only 35 PhD candidates nationwide, our colleage Gábor Bergmann has been awarded the Jedlik Ányos grant to support his research programme "Supporting standard model queries using incremental graph pattern matching". The research will be conducted during the course of the year 2013; an introduction to the topic and reports on the progress will be continuously published on this English-language blogRead more »

CECRIS project kick-off meeting

Our research group is participating in the CECRIS project that has started with the kick-off meeting held at Firenze between 14-15 January. The aim of the project is to develop novel methods and techniques for the verification, validation and certification of critical systems with the cooperation of hungarian, italian and portuguese academic and industrial partners. Read more »

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