Award winner report in data analysis

A report written by Imre Kocsis, Kristóf Gáti, András Pataricza, and Gábor Horváth under the title: Time Series Analysis and Order Prediction with R and addressed order prediction won a "Honorable Mention" and a $1,000 award in the "R in Business competition". The contest was aiming at the solution of real-time business problems by means of advanced statistics, organized by Revolution Analytics.

SecureChange General Assembly in Milton Keynes, UK

The three-year span of the SecureChange EU research project is nearing its completion this January. The last General Assembly before the final review was held between 18-19 of January, at the campus of Open University in Milton Kenes, UK. In addition to the university, the town is also famous for Bletchley Park, the secret location hosting Alan Turing and the rest of the codebreakers during the Second World War.

EMF-IncQuery presented at EclipseCon Europe 2011

EMF-IncQuery was presented by István Ráth at EclipseCon Europe 2011, at the Modeling Symposium. We have talked about performance characteristics as well as presented our plans for the new architecture in the upcoming v0.7 release. More details about the symposium are found here.

Award for István Majzik

Dr.István  Majzik received a "Gold Medal for Distinguished Tutors" form the National Council for Student Research. This award appreaciates long services in promoting and tutoring the volunteer research carried out by students.

Faculty Scientific Students Associations Conference 2011.

The  Scientific Students Associations Conference 2011 of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics was held on November 16, 2011. Students from our group presented five papers during the day, recieving three First, one Second and one Third price. We would like to congratulate our students here again! Read more »

Academy Award for a Textbook

The book  "Formal Methods in Computing"  edited by Miklós Ferenczi, András Pataricza and Lajos Rónyai  was published by Akadémiai Kiadó, the publishing house of the Hungarian Academy of Scences (HAS). This book won an Academy Award upon the proposal of the Section of Mathematics of the HAS. Read more »

ACM Distinguished Paper Award at IEEE/ACM International Conference On Automated Software Engineering 2011 conference

Between November 6-12, Lawrence, Kansas (US) hosted the 26th IEEE/ACM International Conference
On Automated Software Engineering
(ASE '11), which is one of the most widely accepted and respected scientific forum on software and systems engineering. Read more »

Tool Demonstration at ServiceWave 2011

In accordance with the Polish EU presidency, the 2011 autumn installation of the Future Internet Week series was hosted by the Poznań University of Technology. The satellite conference ServiceWave also included a free-form tool demonstration slot in its programme. Read more »

SecureChange General Assembly in Paris

The current General Assembly of the EU research project SecureChange was held in Paris between 19-21 October, and hosted in the modern office of the Paris branch of the INRIA research institute. Our research group was represented by dr. Dániel Varró, dr. István Ráth and Gábor Bergmann.

Data analysis cloud with the support of IBM DSS

 IBM DSS Ltd. (the storage facility of IBM located at Vác) donated a computer cluster consisting of 10 servers, which will support the educational and research activities of the group. The servers will perform intelligent analysis on large data series, and illustrate the application of state of the art cloud computing and virtualization technolgies in modern computing systems.  Read more »

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