Gamma Statechart Composition Framework

Gamma Statechart Composition Framework

The Gamma Statechart Composition Framework is a toolset to model, verify and generate code for component-based reactive systems. The framework builds on Yakindu, an open-source statechart modeling tool and provides an additional modeling layer to instantiate a communicating network of statecharts. Compositionality is hierarchical, which facilitates the creation of reusable component libraries. Individual statecharts, as well as composite statechart networks can be validated and verified by an automated translation to UPPAAL, a model checker for timed automata. Once a complete model is built, designers can use the code generation functionality of the framework, which can generate Java code for the whole system.

Gamma 2.5.0 is out now

Preview version: download here

Tutorial pack: download here

Gamma is now open source

Check out the repository here

Check out our demonstration video on YouTube.

Check out the DDS extension here.

Download our flyer here.

Contact us: gamma [at]

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