VIATRA2 Release 3.2 and EMF-IncQuery 0.3 (first public release) available

The VIATRA2 Development Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the newest version of the VIATRA2 Model Transformation Framework, Release 3.2. This version contains important bugfixes, as well as all-round enhancements. Details can be found on the release notes page.

With this new VIATRA2 version, we also release EMF-IncQuery for the first time to the general public (version 0.3.0). The software package includes a generic EMF importer that allows VIATRA2 to import EMF-based metamodels as well as instance models in a generic way.

Both VIATRA2 and EMF-IncQuery can be downloaded from the common nightly update site, which will support a rolling release model in the future, allowing users to make use of bug fixes and feature enhancements as soon as they become available in the SVN.