Data analysis cloud with the support of IBM DSS

Az új szerverek

 IBM DSS Ltd. (the storage facility of IBM located at Vác) donated a computer cluster consisting of 10 servers, which will support the educational and research activities of the group. The servers will perform intelligent analysis on large data series, and illustrate the application of state of the art cloud computing and virtualization technolgies in modern computing systems. 

Such emerging technologies, as big data management and analysis require significant hardware resources. No authentic presentation of these techniques is  impossible without such resources. With the support of IBM DSS Ltd. our research group made a giant step towards including such modern technologies as cloud computing into our education, and providing students with hands-on experience. The work on the machine has already begun with some practical student projects (like improving the efficiency of data processing using Hadoop; parallelizing statistical computations, etc.). 

Ten 1U size, quad-core processor, x3550 servers arrived. The pictures illustrate the unpacking and the installation of the machines.

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