Presentation on the Enterprise Developer Meetup

Presentation on the Enterprise Developer Meetup about IntelliTest (photo by György Balássy)

Dávid Honfi, PhD student of our research group, held a presentation about automated test generation on the 9th Enterprise Developer Meetup.

The Enterprise Developer Meetup series is organized by LogMeIn and Microsoft Hungary. Its target audience consists of developers and architects who are open to cutting-edge technologies. The meetup is currently running its second season and due to its popularity, the number of attendees usually reaches 80 or higher.

The presentation introduced code-based test generation as a well automatable verification technique, which was followed by the introduction of a state-of-the-art test generation tool, called Microsoft IntelliTest. The functionality of the tool was demonstrated through examples and demos. Dávid also gave insight into his related research area, the visualization of symbolic execution.



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