Participation at STAF 2016 konferencia and MODELS 2016 Program Board meeting in Vienna

The STAF 2016 Software Technologies: Applications and Foundations conference was organized by researchers from TU Wien in early July where Dániel Varró participated from our research group as workshop co-chair and presenter of a paper published at ICGT 2016 Int. Conf. on Graph Transformation conference, co-authored by Zoltán Ujhelyi and Gábor Bergmann on Rete network slicing for model queries". András Szabolcs Nagy from our research group also participated at the Transformation Tool Contest (TTC 2016) - related successes will be reported separately.

Right before the STAF conference, the Program Board meeting of the IEEE/ACM MODELS 2016 conference took place where Dániel Varró was invited this year.