Guest lecture - Frederico Cerveira: Exploratory data analysis of fault injection campaigns

Within the framework of the project "Empirical evaluation of robustness in cloud systems by advanced analytical methods" of "Hungarian-Portuguese cooperation on Science & Technology" Frederico Cerveira, PhD student of Universidade de Coimbra is staying with our department for two weeks.

The project examines the error resilience of cloud computing by following and analysing the propagation of artificially injected faults.

During his visit we analysed logs of experiments previously executed at Coimbra University by exploratory data analysis (EDA), and automated busieness intelligence tools.

The first result is that among the injected faults there is a class that not only cause faults effectively, but also characterizes the possible failures. This makes it possible to decrease the large number of time-consuming measurement campaigns that is required for statistical modeling by nearly half an order of magnitude.

He presets his work on Exploratory data analysis of fault injection campaigns at the Minisymposium on monday, 2018.01.28.