SWSV: VM in BME Cloud for the course

As an experimental feature, we created a virtual machine template in the Smallville datacenter of BME's cloud.

If you log in with your EduID directory account, then you should be able to create an SWSV-2018-v1 virtual machine.

The VM contains Windows 10, Java 8, Maven, Git, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Atom, SonarQube and some other tools that will be used in the labs and home assignment.

We recommend to use your own machine to set up your development environment for the home assignments. But if for some reason that is not possible, you can now use this virtual machine. Just pay attention that by default the virtual machine is suspended after 4 hours and it is deleted after 7 days if you do not renew it.

If you have any problems accessing the virtual machine, contact the lead instructor.