System Modelling 2019: How to Interpret the Results on the Portal?

If you check your results on the HF portal, you can see a summarizing pages, but it is partially in Hungarian. Some help in interpreting the page:

  • The "warm-up homework" and "mandatory homework" show how many points you have got for them.
  • The different "exam" rows show exam results, "exam location" rows show location information. (To pass the 1st mid-term, you must have at least 12 points, to pass the 2nd mid-term, you must have at least 16 points.)
  • The rows about "1st-6th practice" show how many points you have got for the tests at the beginning oh the practices. If the result is "-1", it shows that you have not attended that practice.
  • "Jelenlét" shows how many practices you have attended to. (The red comment "<4 alkalom" means "less than 4 times". In this case you cannot close this subject successfully in this semester.)
  • "Gyakorlat pont" means the total number of extra points you have collected from the tests at the beginning of the practices. For each practice minimum 0 point, even if you have not attended, and maximum 2 points.
  • "Tárgy státusz" means your status for this subject. A red "hiány" here means that something is missing. "gyak" refers to practices, "ZH" refers to mid-term exams, "HF" refers to the home assignment.
  • "Eredmény" is your overall result at the time of checking this page. You can also see your total points here, but your result can be "insufficient" even with a high number of points, if some of the requirements fail (at least 12 points for the 1st mid-term, at least 16 points for the 2nd mid-term, at least 12 points for the mandatory home assignment, at least 4 practices attended).
    • "elégtelen": you have not satisfied the requirements therefore failed, "insufficient" (1)
    • "elégséges": sufficient (2)
    • "közepes": satisfactory (3)
    • "jó": good (4)
    • "jeles": very good (5)