Application Areas and Projects

We demonstrate the application areas of our competencies by presenting EU supported research projects in which the research group participated.

Critical embedded systems

  • DIANA: Integrated modular hardware and software platform for avionics applications
  • MOGENTES: Model driven automated test generation
  • SAFEDMI: Design of a safe driver-machine interface for ERTMS train control
  • DECOS: Development of platform, components and model-based design environment
  • GENESYS: Definition of a general system architecture and development methodology

Service oriented systems and business processes

  • SENSORIA: Elaboration of design methods and tools for service oriented computing
  • HIDENETS: Development and analysis of end-to-end resilience solutions for mobility-aware services
  • e-Freight: Providing a design and deployment platform to facilitate the use of different transport modes

IT infrastructure

  • DESEREC: Elaboration of measurement, modelling and anaylsis methods for reconfigurable systems
  • SecureChange: Security and dependability assessment in long-running evolving software systems
  • AMBER: Coordination of the study of resilience measuring and benchmarking in computer systems