Design and Analysis Techniques for Certifiable Model Transformations (CertiMoT)

Ákos Horváth
Gábor Bergmann
Ábel Hegedüs
Zoltán Ujhelyi
Dániel Varró

The main objective of the CERTIMOT project is to enable certification for model transformations used in critical systems and service design. Novel models, languages, techniques and tools will be developed to systematically design, generate, verify and trace model transformation artifacts required in a certification process. As a long term vision, CERTIMOT results will significantly reduce efforts required to certify model transformations and qualify model transformation and code generation tools.

  • Requirements analysis techniques and tools for transformations. Specification and analysis techniques and tools for capturing high-level MT requirements and detecting conflicting requirements will be proposed. As a long-term vision, transformation requirements can be precisely stated and traced during transformation design.
  • Automated generation techniques for runtime model transformation programs. Automatic program synthesis techniques will be developed for the generation of runtime transformation plugins. As a long term vision, efficient model transformation programs of guaranteed will be available for multiple target platforms.
  • Verification and validation techniques and tools for model transformations. A systematic approach will be proposed for verification activities for model transformations using formal methods and testing as analysis means. Innovative tools will be developed to support verification and validation of model transformations. In our long-term vision, these tools enable the efficient development of high-quality model transformations.