Scalable Modelling and Model Management on the Cloud (MONDO)

Gábor Bergmann
Csaba Debreceni
Benedek Izsó
Gábor Szárnyas
Dániel Varró

The aim of MONDO is to tackle the increasingly important challenge of scalability in MDE by developing the theoretical foundations and an open-source cloud-based platform for scalable modeling and model management. Achieving scalability in modeling and MDE involves being able to construct large models and domain specific languages in a systematic manner, enabling teams of modelers to construct and refine large models in a collaborative manner, advancing the state-of-the-art in model querying and transformations tools so that they can cope with large models (of the scale of millions of model elements), and providing an infrastructure for efficient storage, indexing and retrieval of large models.

To address these challenges, MONDO brings together academic partners with a long track record of performing internationally-leading research on software modeling and MDE and delivering research results in the form of robust, widely-used and sustainable open-source software, industrial partners active in the wind-turbine control, soft- ware modernization, construction and modeling tool development domains, an advisory board of world-class experts in the fields of modeling and software engineering, and a global consortium including more than 300 organizations from all sectors of IT.

Within the project our role is to (i) specify and develop a collaboration framework to aid teamwork in complex model-driven software engineering projects and (ii) develop scalable distributed query evaluation algorithms and methods to support scalable model queries and transformations over very large software models.

Project Partners

  • University of York  (United Kingdom)
  • ARMINES (France)
  • Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain)
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary)
  • IKERLAN (Spain)
  • SOFTEAM (France)
  • Soft-Maint (France)
  • Uninova (Portugal)
  • The Open Group (Belgium)