Distributed Graph Queries for Runtime Monitoring of Cyber-Physical Systems

TitleDistributed Graph Queries for Runtime Monitoring of Cyber-Physical Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsBúr, M., Szilágyi, G., Vörös, A., and Varró, D.
EditorRusso, A., and Schürr, A.
Conference NameFundamental Approaches to Software Engineering
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
Conference LocationCham
ISBN Number978-3-319-89363-1

In safety-critical cyber-physical systems (CPS), a service failure may result in severe financial loss or damage in human life. Smart CPSs have complex interaction with their environment which is rarely known in advance, and they heavily depend on intelligent data processing carried out over a heterogeneous computation platform and provide autonomous behavior. This complexity makes design time verification infeasible in practice, and many CPSs need advanced runtime monitoring techniques to ensure safe operation. While graph queries are a powerful technique used in many industrial design tools of CPSs, in this paper, we propose to use them to specify safety properties for runtime monitors on a high-level of abstraction. Distributed runtime monitoring is carried out by evaluating graph queries over a distributed runtime model of the system which incorporates domain concepts and platform information. We provide a semantic treatment of distributed graph queries using 3-valued logic. Our approach is illustrated and an initial evaluation is carried out using the MoDeS3 educational demonstrator of CPSs.