Dániel Varró

Research Visits

  • 2014: McGill University (Prof. Hans Vangheluwe) and Université de Montréal (Prof. Houari Sahraoui)
  • 2004, 2005: TU Berlin, Germany(2x 1 month, with Prof. Hartmut Ehrig, SEGRAVIS Grant)
  • 2003: Univ. Paderborn, Germany(3 months, with Prof. Gregor Engels, SEGRAVIS Grant)
  • 2001: SRI International, US (4 months, with Dr. John Rushby)

Reviews for Journals

  • Springer, “Software and systems modeling.” Editorial Board member.
  • Elsevier, “Science of computer programming.” Regular reviewer.
  • IEEE, “Transactions on software engineering.” Occasional reviewer.
  • ACM, “Transactions on software engineering and methodology.” Occasional reviewer.
  • Springer, “Software tools for technology transfer.” Occasional reviewer.
  • Springer, “Automated software engineering.” Occasional reviewer.

Service to Scientific Community

General Chair:

Program Co-Chair:

Steering Committee Member

  • ICMT Steering Committee (2014-)
  • ETAPS, The European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, 2006-2009, 2011-2014.

Program Committee Member (since 2008):

Local Arrangements Chair:


  • 2009-: John von Neumann Computer Society (vice-president)
  • 2009-: IEEE Computer Society