Nikolas Nehmer: Enforcing consistency in the presence of exceptions

Okt.1-én (pénteken) 13:00-kor az I.L. 405.-ben Nikolas Nehmer (TU Kaiserslautern) "Enforcing consistency in the presence of exceptions" címmel előadást tart.

Az előadás angol nyelvű, és a prezentáció után vita követi.

Abstract: In today’s software development processes, exception handling is still considered as an issue of minor importance although, if not handled appropriately, exceptions may seriously harm a software system. In particular, the premature exit of a method due to an exception might leave objects of the system in an inconsistent state. Subsequent calls to those objects will process the inconsistent data and the error will propagate throughout the system. In this talk an approach to systematic exception handling is presented. A generic runtime mechanism supporting developers in ensuring consistency and fault containment in the presence of exceptions is proposed. Exception related inconsistencies are identified and rolled back during runtime automatically, substantially reducing the harmful impact of exceptions not expected by the developer. Lightweight logging is used to free developers of the burden to reestablish consistency in case of exceptions manually.