Automated Model Transformations for the Analysis of IT Systems

CímAutomated Model Transformations for the Analysis of {IT} Systems
Közlemény típusaThesis
Kiadás éve2004
SzerzőkVarró, D.
Kiadás dátumaMay
EgyetemBudapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Measurement and Information Systems
Szakdolgozat típusaphd
ÖsszefoglalásWhen designing critical applications using the Unified Modeling Language, the system models are frequently projected into various mathematical domains (such as Petri nets, transition systems, process algebras, etc.) by model transformations to carry out a formal analysis of the system under design. In the current thesis, I introduce a general, visual yet mathematically precise framework for uniformly specifying a large scale of model transformations within and between modeling languages. I also propose automated means to reason about the correctness of transformations, and to generate a transformation program as the implementation from such high-level specifications.