Automating Model Transformation by Example Using Inductive Logic Programming

CímAutomating Model Transformation by Example Using Inductive Logic Programming
Közlemény típusaConference Paper
Kiadás éve2007
SzerzőkVarró, D., and Balogh, Z.
SzerkesztőCho, Y., Wainwright, R. L., Haddad, H., Shin, S. Y., and Koo, Y W.
Konferencia neveProceedings of the 2007 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC 2007), Seoul, Korea, March 11-15, 2007
KiadóACM Press
Kulcsszavakby-example synthesis, inductive logic programming, model transformation, Viatra

Model transformation by example is a novel approach in model-driven software engineering to derive model transformation rules from an initial prototypical set of interrelated source and target models, which describe critical cases of the model transformation problem in a purely declarative way. In the current paper, we automate this approach using inductive logic programming which aims at the inductive construction of first-order clausal theories from examples and background knowledge.

JegyzetekAcceptance rate: 32%
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