CheckVML: A Tool for Model Checking Visual Modeling Languages

Cím{CheckVML}: A Tool for Model Checking Visual Modeling Languages
Közlemény típusaConference Paper
Kiadás éve2003
SzerzőkSchmidt, Á., and Varró, D.
SzerkesztőStevens, P., Whittle, J., and Booch, G.
Konferencia neveProc. UML 2003: 6th International Conference on the Unified Modeling Language
Kiadás dátumaOctober 20-24
Konferencia helyszíneSan Francisco, CA, USA

In the paper, we present a tool for model checking dynamic consistency properties in arbitrary well-formed instance models of any modeling language defined visually by metamodeling and graph transformation techniques. Our tool first translates such high-level specifications into a tool independent abstract representation of transition systems defined by a corresponding metamodel. From this intermediate representation the input language of the back-end model checker tool (i.e., SPIN in our case) is generated automatically.

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