Making Legacy Services Highly-Available with OpenAIS: An Experience Report

CímMaking Legacy Services Highly-Available with {OpenAIS}: An Experience Report
Közlemény típusaConference Paper
Kiadás éve2006
SzerzőkKövi, A., Varró, D., and Németh, Z.
SzerkesztőTam, F., and Raatikainen, K.
Konferencia neveThird International Service Availability Symposium (ISAS 2006)
Konferencia helyszíneHelsinki, Finland
KulcsszavakAIS, communication mediation, service availability

We report our experiences on application development with the open source OpenAIS framework, which is an implementation of the standard Application Interface Specification (AIS) issued by the Service Availability Forum. Our focus is put on integrating existing (legacy) applications or services into the AIS framework (where the source code of these services is not available) in order to make such services highly available. This is achieved by using Proxy components, which are responsible for managing the High Availability (HA) lifecycle of legacy services (called Proxied components). We estimate the availability of legacy services as provided by using redundant proxy and proxied components in the OpenAIS framework on a benchmark service architecture. Furthermore, as the AIS standard does not contain any recommendation on business-related communication, in the paper, we propose to use communication mediation to forward requests to service provider components and responses back to the service consumers.

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