Style-Based Modeling and Refinement of Service-Oriented Architectures

CímStyle-Based Modeling and Refinement of Service-Oriented Architectures
Közlemény típusaJournal Article
Kiadás éve2006
SzerzőkBaresi, L., Heckel, R., Thöne, S., and Varró, D.
FolyóiratJournal of Software and Systems Modelling
Kiadás dátumaJune
ÖsszefoglalásService-oriented architectures (SOA) provide a flexible and dynamic platform for implementing business solutions. In this paper, we address the modeling of such architectures by refining business-oriented architectures, which abstract from technology aspects into service-oriented ones, focusing on the ability of dynamic reconfiguration (binding to new services at run-time) typical for SOA. The refinement is based on conceptual models of the platforms involved as architectural styles, formalized by graph transformation systems. Based on a refinement relation between abstract and platform-specific styles, we investigate how to realize business-specific scenarios on the SOA platform by automatically deriving refined, SOA-specific reconfiguration scenarios.