Theta: a Framework for Abstraction Refinement-Based Model Checking

CímTheta: a Framework for Abstraction Refinement-Based Model Checking
Közlemény típusaConference Paper
Kiadás éve2017
SzerzőkTóth, T., Hajdu, Á., Vörös, A., Micskei, Z., and Majzik, I.
SzerkesztőStewart, D., and Weissenbacher, G.
Konferencia neveProceedings of the 17th Conference on Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design
KiadóFMCAD Inc.
Konferencia helyszíneVienna, Austria

In this paper, we present Theta, a configurable model checking framework. The goal of the framework is to support the design, execution and evaluation of abstraction refinement-based reachability analysis algorithms for models of different formalisms. It enables the definition of input formalisms, abstract domains, model interpreters, and strategies for abstraction and refinement. Currently it contains front-end support for transition systems, control flow automata and timed automata. The built-in abstract domains include predicates, explicit values, zones and their combinations, along with various refinement strategies implemented for each. The configurability of the framework allows the integration of several abstraction and refinement methods, this way supporting the evaluation of their advantages and shortcomings. We demonstrate the applicability of the framework by use cases for the safety checking of PLC, hardware, C programs and timed automata models.