Towards dependability modeling of FT-CORBA architectures

CímTowards dependability modeling of FT-CORBA architectures
Közlemény típusaJournal Article
Kiadás éve2002
SzerzőkMajzik, I., and Huszerl, G.
Pagination121 - 139
Kiadás dátuma2002

The paper presents techniques to support the dependability modeling and analysis of distributed object-oriented applications that are designed according to the Fault Tolerant CORBA (FT-CORBA) specification. First the construction of a high-level dependability model is described. It is based on the architecture of the application and allows the analysis of the fault tolerance strategies and properties that are directly supported by the standard infrastructure. Then a technique to construct a refined dependability model is presented. It exploits the detailed behavioral model of the object responsible for replica maintenance. The UML statechart of this object is transformed to a stochastic Petri net that forms the core of the dependability model. In this way the designer is allowed to utilize the full power of statecharts to construct models of application-dependent replication strategies and recovery policies.