Nuclear Istrumentation and Control Systems Safety

2018. ősz

Nuclear I&C Systems Safety - The Principles of Nuclear Safety for Instrumentation and Control Systems

  • Legal and regulatory background (Atomic Act, NSC (Govt. Decree 118/2011), Govt. Decree 190/2011)
  • OAH's (Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority) role and responsibilities
  • IAEA's role and responsibilities
    • IAEA standards and guides
  • IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)
    • IEC standards for nuclear I&C systems
  • Security categorization, security classification (IAEA, IEC and Hungarian)
  • Main principles of nuclear I&C design
  • Design for reliability of I&C systems important to safety:
    • The principle, the levels and the purpose of the defense in depth concept
    • The concept and tools of single failure tolerance
    • The concept of common cause failure, the means of avoiding it
      • independence
      • separation
      • diversity
    • Fail-safe design, safety orientation concept

Resources, background material: