IT services guidelines for students of FTSRG

This page gives a short summary of some of the IT services available for students of the Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group, and helps students set up their configuration.


Service Description FTSRG BME
User accounts Multiple independent systems -
Remote Access Accessing protected university resources from your home using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) - BME VPN
Wifi access Wireless network service on campus areas - BME Wifi
Educational Cloud Allocating virtual machines (for certain lab assignments, homeworks) on the cloud FTSRG VCL cloud  

User management

Some of our IT services are tied to your BME EduID user accounts.

  1. Make sure you can log into NEPTUN, and have changed your default initial password.
  2. Use your NEPTUN credentials to log in to (unfortunately, the interface is in Hungarian).
  3. Take note of your EduID identifier (takes the form of [5 digits] displayed on the page.
  4. Set up a sufficiently strong password.
  5. Congratulations, you have just activated your BME EduID.
  6. Authentication on the portal: click on the Login link under "BME EduID Sign on", and you will be redirected to Here you can authenticate with your BME EduID identifier and the previously chosen password. Afterwards, you will be automatically redirected back to the web portal.

Password management

The BME EduID service allows you to query your EduID identifier and set your EduID password if you log in with your NEPTUN code and NEPTUN password at the following page: