Nuclear Istrumentation and Control Systems Basics

2018. ősz

Nuclear I&C Systems Basics - The role of Instrumentation and Control Systems in Nuclear Power Plants, and their Characteristics

  • Essential functions of the control systems of nuclear power plants
  • Hierarchical and functional grouping of nuclear control systems
  • (Normal operation) Control systems, Limiters (limiting controls), Interlocks, Protection systems
    • what role do fulfill, how do they influence the process?
  • Protection systems in the Paks NPP
  • Unit power control strategies, their characteristics
    • Power Control with Pre-Turbine Intervention
    • Power Control with Reactor-side Intervention
    • Integrated
  • I&C functions in reactivity control, heat removal from the core, and confinement of radioactive materials
  • Typical architecture of the I&C systems of nuclear power plants

Sources, background material: