Nuclear Safety Basics

2018. ősz

Nuclear Safety Basics - Introduction to the goals and terminology of Nuclear Safety

  • Basics of nuclear power generation, inherent security, feedback
  • Comparison of Functional Safety (61508) and Nuclear Safety
  • Postulated initial events (PIE), design basis
  • Nuclear incidents, accidents - INES scale
  • Important reactor accidents and malfunctions:
    • Three Mile Island
    • Chernobyl
    • Fukushima
    • Serious incident at Paks in 2003
  • Regarding each nuclear accident:
    • What causes and events led to the accident?
    • How did the accident proceed and what were the consequences?
    • What and how could/should have been done differently to avoid the accident / reduce the consequences?
    • What lessons were learned from the accident and how did nuclear safety change, with particular regard to control systems?

Sources, background material: