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System Modelling: Rsults

Results of System Modelling 2017: Read more »

System Modelling: Retake of the Mid-Term Exams

The retakes of both mid-term exams will be in the lecture room E1A. (Your first mid-term was in E1B, your second mid-term was either in E1A or in E1C. They all are on the same floor behind each other.)

The results of the retakes are attached. Review of the evaluation: on the 23th of May, 16:30 in room I.B419.

System Modelling: Review of the Exam & Defence of the Home Assignments

You can review the evaluation of the second exam on the 16th of May, 4PM in room I.B419.

You can defend your submitted home assignments and optional extra assignments on the 18th of May, 3PM in room I. B419.

System Modelling: Preliminary Results of the 2nd Mid-Term Exam

Your exams are fully evaluated yet. The preliminary results of the entry test can be found in the first attached document. The complete preliminary result is in the second document.

System Modelling: 2nd Mid-Term Exam

The 2nd mid-term exam will be held on the 11th May 2017, 8-10 AM in the lecture halls E.1A and E.1C (building E, first floor, near to the lecture hall where we had the 1st mid-term exam). See the attached PDF for the lecture hall you need to go to. We start to write the exam at 8:15, please be there earlier.

System Modelling: Example Exam for the 2nd Mid-term is Published

An example exam of the 2nd mid-term is now on the "Materials" page. Please try to solve the entry test yourself before you opening its solution.

System Modelling: New Submission Pages Opened

Two new submission pages are now open:

System Modelling: Optional Extra Home Assignment (Cucumber)

The optional extra home assignment is the functional testing of your own chess clock, that you have modelled in your home assigment. Read more »

System Modelling: Result of the Home Assignments

The results of the already submitted works are published in the attached file.

You have to defend your work orally. For that I have set up some time slots. You can reserve one of the time slots for you in a Doodle table.

A short description of the evaluation results: Read more »

System Modelling: Results of preliminary evaluation of the home assignments

The results of the last preliminary evaluation are also published in an attached file. The final submission deadline is Sunday midnight!

A short description of the evaluation results: Read more »

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