Our Tool Integration Framework presented in Graz

Balazs Polgar, PhD presented the newest components of our tool integration framework to MOGENTES partners in Graz on February 16-17, 2010. He also helped partners to integrate their tools to the framework. The main goal of the meeting was the overview of the project status, the integration of the related tools, and the preparation for the review meeting to be held in March.

Our tool integation framework supports

  • the modeling of tool-chains composed of heterogeneous tools,
  • the generation of configuration files from these models needed for execution,
  • the automatic execution and monitoring of processes representing tool-chains.

The models contains both the tools to be executed and the data needed for the execution of the tools (models, configuration and other files). Accordingly, the framework handles both the execution of the tools and the management of the data. The inputs of the tools are downloaded from a repository and the results are uploaded there automatically.

Currently we use the JBoss jBPM workflow engine for managing the execution and the Apache Jackrabbit Java Content Repository as the storage for data.