interview with Prof. András Pataricza and Dr. Andy Rindos

In October, our research group hosted a three day Boot Camp of the Apache Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) project with the support of the IBM Cloud Academy. The Boot Camp was held by the VCL experts of North Carolina State University and attended by the representatives of numerous Hungarian higher education institutions.

In conjunction with the event,, one of the most popular Hungarian news portals interviewed Prof. András Pataricza and Dr. Andy Rindos, co-leader of the IBM Cloud Academy and head of the RTP Center for Advanced Studies. In the interview, they explained the immense potential of "educational clouds" in shaping the future of higher education.

Pioneered by its Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group, the Department of Measurement and Information Systems of BME has been providing VCL-based services for its students for a year. In the fall semester of 2013, almost 4000 successful virtual machine reservations were served until the beginning of November (and counting); this translates to more than 10.000 hours of practically glitch-free, VCL-enabled, remote virtual machine usage.