Most Influential Paper Award at MODELS 2014 conference

MODELS 2014 @ Valencia, Spain

A very prestigious Most Influential Paper Award was given to Dr. Dániel Varró and Prof. András Pataricza at MODELS 2014 conference, the IEEE/ACM 17th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering, Languages and Systems, which is the most important scientific forum of model driven systems and software engineering.

In each year, the most influential paper is selected by Steering Committee from the papers presented 10 years ago at the conference based upon the relevance and long-term impact of the paper. This year, the paper  "Generic and Meta-Transformations for Model Transformation Engineering" presented at UML 2004 by D. Varró and A. Pataricza, was selected by the committee (which is available at Springer and for non-commercial use as a personal copy).

A 60 minute presentation will be delivered by Dániel Varró on October 2nd at the MODELS 2014 conference about the main ideas of the original paper and its impact.