Integrated project management optimization



IKTA (Information and Communication Technologies and Applications, Hungarian Ministry of Education)




Budapest University of Technology  and Economics, Department of Measurement and Information Systems
University of Veszprém, Department of Computer Science
AAM Management Information Consulting Ltd.
Sysdata Information Technology Ltd.


The objective of the project is a unified framework, wherecost estimators are assigned to the individual components in the UML-baseddesign. From this an implementation  cost is forecasted for the entiredesign by using standard cost estimation models, like COCOMO, COCOTS etc.This model is refined by allowing a hierarchical decomposition of the designprocess , similarly described in UML.
A personal database supplies human resource related information. A combined model merging this three information sources serves as a starting point for the estimation of the development time, its optimal scheduling and development cost minimization.

Further information:

András Pataricza , Ph.D.