MTA-BME Lendület Cyber-Physical Systems Research Group

Dániel Varró

The MTA-BME Lendület (Momentum) project started in 2015 to create new methods and tools for modelling, analysing and verifying cypber-physical systems. Main topics and contributions include the followings.

  • Modelling techniques for CPS
    • Cross-technology benchmark for query technologies for evolving graphs
    • Query evaluation for runtime models over heterogeneous smart platforms
    • Bidirectional viewpoint synchronization by logic solvers
  • Formal analysis of dynamic and adaptable CPS
    • Synthesis of instance models by logic solvers
    • Characterization of realistic models
    • Configurable Abstractions for verification and validation
  • Design space exploration for dynamic and adaptable CPS
    • Multi-objective optimization for DSE
  • Case studies and demonstrators for CPS

See the project's website for more details.