Isolation and Pex: case study of cooperation

TitleIsolation and Pex: case study of cooperation
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsHonfi, D., Micskei, Z., and Vörös, A.
Date Published09/2013
InstitutionBudapest University of Technology and Economics
Keywordsisolation, Pex, symbolic execution, testing

Quality assurance of software is currently getting a wider spread, therefore testing is given a more important role in their development. Selecting the inputs for tests is an elaborate task, but there are tools for generating test inputs from the model or even from the logic of the software. In a recent testing project we experimented with Pex, a test input generation tool, which analyzes the structure of the code. Unit testing involves the isolation of external dependencies from the unit, which is commonly implemented with isolation frameworks. Pex is shipped with an isolation tool called Moles, which is now in deprecated state. Thus we performed a case study to determine whether Pex could seamlessly collaborate with other isolation frameworks. Our initial results show that is is possible to use other frameworks, but Pex could loose from its functionality.

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