formal methods

Homework assignment published

The homework assignments are now published and can be downloaded. For more information and deadlines, please check the homework page. If you have trouble finding or downloading your task, contact us.

Presentation at the Modeling Symposium of EclipseCon 2017

Our research group has presented the Gamma framework at the Modeling Symposium of EclipseCon 2017. Gamma is a Statechart Composition Framework to model, verify and generate code for component-based reactive systems. The framework builds on Yakindu, an open source statechart modeling tool and provides an additional modeling layer to instatiate a communicating network of statecharts. Compositionality is hierarchical, which facilitates the creation of reusable component libraries.

Results of the Repeated Second Midterm Exam

The results of the repeated second midterm exam can be found in the attached PDF file.

Students may take a look at their solutions on Monday, May 22, 13:00-13:30, in room IB421.

The minimum score for each grade is as follows: 1 - [0,22); 2 - [22,28); 3 - [28,34); 4 - [34,40); 5 - [40,50]. Remember that the final grade of the whole course is calculated from the grade of the exam (not the score).

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